Graduation Presentation of Endowed Course Project in Mali on Thursday August 31, from 10:00-11:50 (Mali time)

2023-08-31(木)19:00 - 20:50 JST
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What is a graduation presentation?

The Web Engineering Course Graduation Presentation is an event where graduates of DPro's (DPro) Web Engineer Course pitch their achievements. Anyone is welcome to attend.

This is not a formal gathering, so please feel free to drop in.


Date: Thursday 31 August 2023, 19:00 - 20:50 Japan time.
Place: online (will be conducted via Zoom)
After registration, participants will see the Zoom_URL on the Doorkeeper event page.


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19:00 19:05 Opening
19:05 20:25 Students Presentation
20:25 20:30 Message from CEO Noro
20:30 20:35 Message from AOTS Representative
20:35 20:40 Message from guest speakers
20:40 20:45 Message from mentors, Souvenirs photos taking
20:45 20:50 End of the ceremony

Depending on the number of people on who will present, The event closing time may change. Please note.
*Speaker information will be sent to participants via Doorkeeper on the day of the event.

Networking meeting

Breakout rooms will be provided for each of several participants.
No pre-registration is required and the event will take place in the Zoom of the graduation presentation. The information will be given after the graduation presentation, so if you wish to attend, please stay for it.

Requests to visitors

Speakers expect to receive feedback and scouting by presenting with their deliverables.
Therefore, although it is optional, we ask each speaker to fill in the results feedback questionnaire.
If you are a company representative or freelancer and would like to recruit or offer a job to a speaker, please fill in the same questionnaire and we will pass it on to you (please be assured that we do not charge any recruitment fees).
*Example of a questionnaire (select "Those who feel they would like to interview or scout for speakers" in the Respondents section to go to the Scouting section).

Testimonials from past general visitors

  • It was exciting to see people from different backgrounds.
  • This is an opportunity to watch the presentation of portfolio production by school students.
  • It was a very high level portfolio.
  • Many people were making apps with an awareness of the problems they were solving, which was very helpful.
  • A place where you can discover a new kind of manufacturing: finding a problem, coming up with a solution, and putting it into code.
  • 'Someday I'll make one myself! I will make it! The meeting made me feel that I could make it.
  • I was able to share the graduation assignment itself and the experience leading up to it.
  • It's good to know the work of seniors and use it as a reference for your own assignments.
  • It was good to see the skills I acquired in 4 months from inexperienced.
  • I thought it would be better if I took the course.

Testimonials from past company representatives

  • As a community, I was very impressed by the way the members were doing things in a harmonious way. I could tell that it was run as a good learning experience.
  • There are quite a few excellent people.
  • We were impressed by the high level of motivation for machine learning and the enjoyable learning atmosphere.
  • We felt that they were tackling challenges in a positive manner and taking their own career development seriously.
  • We feel that the quality of some of the participants was such that it was hard to believe that they were creating their first self-made application. I think this is a great meeting full of a supportive atmosphere from Mr. Noro and the other mentors at the presentation and fostering a career perspective of becoming a professional engineer.
  • I have the impression that they are often eager to learn and that they often catch up in a short period of time.

Message from DPro Secretariat

Participating has these benefits!

  • You can hear the actual experience directly from the speakers!
  • Hear what was difficult in the learning process and tips for working on it!
  • You can form a personal network!

This is especially recommended for current students! We hope you will be excited to attend!

Points to note

  • Please note that people who work for other companies in the same industry as DIVIC Ltd. are not permitted to attend.
  • Please note that the time may change.




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